Carlisle Urban – Results

Carlisle Urban, North West Urban League (NWUL) Event

Saturday 16th October 2021


Controllers comments:  It was regrettable that I had to disqualify two early competitors for crossing a road marked with the out-of-bounds symbol but part of my function is to ensure courses are safe, hence the requirement to use bridges or underpasses.  I’m certain it was just a lapse of concentration rather than deliberate, and neither competitor gained from doing so but we can’t risk accidents otherwise the sport of urban orienteering would be in doubt.  We couldn’t ignore the fact that later competitors might also take the crossing route therefore we were obliged to marshal the area for the remainder of the event and the few people who were directed to the underpass would lose some time but evaded disqualification for which I hope they are grateful and will read their maps carefully at future events.

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