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13th Jan 2018, High Stand Wood
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3rd Feb 2018, Finglandrigg Wood
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18th Mar 2018, Gelt Woods (cancelled due to snow)

8th Apr 2018, Knipe Scar, Cumbrian Galoppen
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12th May 2018, Nunwick Hall
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7th Jul 2018, Rickerby Park, Carlisle
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21st Jul 2018, Alston Urban
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15th Sep 2018, Swindale North, Cumbrian Galoppen
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6th Oct 2018, Faulds Brow
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17th Nov 2018, Miltonrigg Wood
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8th Dec 2018, Coombs Wood
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29th Dec 2018, Binsey Fell, Christmas Charity Event. 45 minute short score, or long score with a twist!
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As this was a score event, you will notice something different when you view the courses – only the controls will show, not a specific course. Instead, each runner has their own course. Select a runner in the results and you will see which controls they visited, and the order in which they punched – even if they haven’t drawn their route. (Remember to tick a course box if you want to see the actual control numbers). Routes can be drawn in the usual way.
Organisers’ report: Thanks to the generosity of the orienteers who ran at Binsey today we raised £555 all of which will go to the ‘Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs’. Thank you to Border Liners Orienteering Club who pay the BO Levy that insures all competitors. It was good to see so many young people taking part and enjoying themselves. Thank you to our competitors for their understanding in giving up maps due to the unexpected numbers.
Special thanks to Alan Hartley for firstly writing the program to cope with the twists in the long and short classes and secondly staying back to complete the results. Raymond & Jenny Wren
A reminder of what the options were…
45 minute score event with two options:-
Long: All controls count for 10 points-
“Unless” you take them in groups.-
141 to 146 together score 240 points-
126 to 121 together score 120 points-
131 to 136 together score 180 points-
The optimum route is 5.9 kilometres-
Short: Any control in any order.-
Codes starting 14 to count as 40 points-
Codes starting 13 to count as 30 points-
Codes starting 12 to count as 20 points-
To collect all controls the optimum route is 3.5 kilometres.-
10 points for each minute or part minute late-
15 minutes or more late – lose all points