Results 2016

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16th Jan 2016, Miltonrigg Wood
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7th Feb 2016, The Beacon, Penrith (Cumbrian Galoppen)
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5th Mar 2016, Aughertree
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14th May 2016, Talkin Tarn
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18th Jun 2016, Alston Urban
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16th Jul 2016, Rickerby Park
[On the score course, anyone who collected all the controls of a particular value together, i.e. with no intervening different valued control, received double points for that set of controls] 

10th Sep 2016, Eycott Hill
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15th Oct 2016, Askham Fell
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6th Nov 2016, Burnbanks Galoppen
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3rd Dec 2016, Hackthorpe New Wood
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27th Dec 2016, Binsey, Christmas Charity Event, 45 minute Score
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As this was a score event, you will notice something different when you view the courses – only the controls will show, not a specific course. Instead, each runner has their own course. Select a runner in the results and you will see which controls they visited, and the order in which they punched – even if they haven’t drawn their route. (Remember to tick a course box if you want to see the actual control numbers). Routes can be added in the usual way.