Faulds Brow Galoppen – Sunday 23rd October 2022

Final details updated 20/10/2022

Location:  Faulds Brow, located on the minor road near Caldbeck GR NY 304406. What3Words addicted.uplifting.sang

Terrain:  Fast, exposed moorland with some heather, many shakeholes, some rock and few line features on either side of a minor but sometimes busy road which bisects the area in a north east to south west direction. 

Car Parking:  On open fell on both sides of the minor road. Take care when slowing down and turning off the road particularly if turning across the oncoming traffic as the car park is on the brow of a hill with resultant poor visibility.  Please follow car parking marshals’ directions. 

If you are parked on the south side of the road you will need to cross it to access Enquiries, Toilets etc.  Visibility to the west is not great.  There will be Car Parking Marshalls, but the road crossing itself will not be marshalled.  Children should be accompanied at all times. 

Toilets:  in car park 

Start:  300m north from car parking  – there are crags in the vicinity so small children should be supervised. 

Finish:  400m west of the car parking – please follow tapes back to download DO NOT WALK ALONG THE ROAD OR VERGE 


1. East of car parking where the Yellow, Orange & Light Green cross the road  
2. West of car parking for crossing back from the Finish (see above) 

Entry on the day: for the Yellow and Orange courses only subject to map availability (£3.00  – extra maps £1.00) Yellow maps to be collected from Download before going to the Start 

Maps:  1:10,000 for all courses except Yellow, Orange & Short Green which are 1:7,500  Both have 5m contour intervals 

Control Descriptions: Loose in start lanes 

Timing: Sportident   SIAC Enabled  Punching Start – remember to punch at the Finish     

Dibber Hire: Free but £30 payable if lost 


  • When deciding what to wear you need to be mindful that this is an exposed, often windy area over 300m high 
  • All courses cross the road which can be very busy and cars often travel fast, so take care at all times – only the Yellow, Orange and Short Green  have a manned crossing point 
  • Whistles are recommended – BE PREPARED FOR CAGOULES TO BE MADE COMPULSORY – this decision may be made on the Saturday so check the website 
  • There are large quarries with high cliffs near the car parking; please supervise children at all times 
  • Similarly, there are cliffs and crags on the area, some in depressions; the rock can be very slippery when wet 

Dogs on lead in Car Park – no dogs on the course


Brown 9.4 km220m21
Blue  6.7 km160m17
Green  4.9 km  80m13
Short Green  4.3 km  70m12
Light Green  3.8 km  75m11
Orange  2.9 km  40m13
Yellow  2.1 km  20m9


Nearest A & E 
Cumberland Infirmary 
Newtown Road 
CA2 7HY 
NY  387561 What3Words    cool.pines.tribune 

Organiser – Stella Lewsley
Planner – Tricia Davies  
Controller – Andrew Lewsley 

Enquiries:  aclewsley@gmail.com