Penrith Urban – Wednesday 10th August 2022


Rest Day of the Lakes 5 Days Orienteering Festival

Important information about junior courses – see below. If you have a junior in your family, running course 6 or 7, please draw their attention to this information.

Event Centre is at Penrith Rugby Football Club
Google – CA11 8RQ
Streetmap (OS) – NY527295
What3words – important.garages.offstage

The route will NOT be signed. Please find your way to the rugby club, then park wherever you can find a space.

Travel By Public Transport: the shortest route from Penrith Railway Station is 1.2 miles, and goes through the competition area. Please find the most direct route, and do not look for controls.

Travel by car etc: from North, South, or West: leave M6 at Jn 40, onto A66 (east). At the next roundabout take second exit, onto A686. RUFC is about 650m on the left. From east on A66, at the first Penrith roundabout take 4th exit onto A686, then as above.

Parking: Free, unmarshalled, parking on site while competing, but you need to move your vehicle to another car park if you want to go into town after your run.

Facilities at Event Centre: toilets, changing rooms with showers (please can parents supervise their children if using these), indoor room with space to leave bags for those arriving on foot or bike, registration, SI hire, 1st Aid, and download. Please remove shoes if muddy. There is a hot drink vending machine (card payment only).

Dogs: Allowed in Event Centre car park only: not in the building, or on the grass, or on the course

Entry fees: No entries on the day, except for courses 6 and 7 at £3 per participant. An accompanying adult can buy a map for £1. Please try to bring the correct fee.

Start and Finish are 550m away, 50m apart. The Start will be manned but not the Finish, due to its proximity to the Start. The route to the start crosses one cul-de sac estate road.

Start times 10:30-12:30

Courses close at 14:30 Make sure you have reported back to Download by that time.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the Junior courses (6 & 7) These stay in the nearby housing estate. They are mainly on footpaths but do cross cul-de-sac roads. Both courses cross an estate road via a marshalled crossing. Both courses have a control on each side of the road, and the time between them is timed out up to one minute. They will cross back into the main estate at the same place, with the same arrangements.  

On course 7 the control numbers will be look something like this on the map  17/24  18/23, meaning that the leg crossing the road is from 17 to 18, and from 23 to 24 on the way back.

There will be ONE crossing marshal on duty at any time, who may be on the other side of the road. Please follow the marshal’s instructions about when the road is safe to cross.

FURTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION on Junior maps (6&7) Please note that course 6 and 7 are printed double-sided, with no overlap, because otherwise the criss-crossing of the courses would make it too difficult to read. The switch to the second part of the course occurs at a point on both courses where competitors need just to continue in the same direction.

A course 7 map will be available at Registration, for competitors on courses 6 and 7 to look at before they go to the Start. ALL competition maps will be at the Start.

NWUL The event is part of the North West Urban League.

W/M10 (born on or after 1/1/2012) must run course 7, and MUST be accompanied
W/M12 (born between 1/1/2010 and 31/12/2011 inclusive) must run course 7
W/M14 (born between 1/1/2008 and 31/12/2009 inclusive) can run course 6 or 7. To count in the NW Urban League they need to run course 6
W/M16 (born between 1/1/2016 and 31/12/2007 inclusive) can run course 6 or 7. To count in the NW Urban League they need to run course 6
M/W16 who have reached their 16th birthday by the day of the event can run any course. To count in the NW Urban league 16-, they need to run course 6

CourseAge CategoriesOptimal route (km) approx.Climb (m)Number of controlsMap scale and sizePlanner
1M Open10.3105341:4000   A3OR
2W Open  M Vet 40+7.9105301:4000   A3CE
3W Vet 40+
M Supervet 55+
8.295241:4000   A3OR
4W Supervet 55+
M Ultravet 65+
6.065251:4000   A3OR
5W Ultravet 65+
W Hypervet 75+, M Hypervet 75+
4.445211:4000   A3  CE
6M/W16 –3.220261:3000   A4  two-sidedOR
7M/W12 –2.530281:3000   A4  two-sidedCE

Dibbers: There are high numbers of controls on the courses, and you may run near to other controls not on your course, so please make sure that you use a dibber with enough capacity.

Terrain: Almost the whole of the courses are on hard surfaces, with only a few short sections on grass. There is a mix of terrain on the senior courses: complex housing estate; simpler housing estates; complex town centre. In the housing estate near the Start and Finish, courses may be hard to read on the map, because of all the criss-crossing of legs in a small area – please read carefully, and check codes.

Out of bounds: The largest car parks are marked out of bounds, but you can run along the paths at the edges. Please do not enter the olive green, even if you find you could run across it.

Road crossings: There is a mandatory crossing point used twice by each junior course. There are no mandatory crossing points for the senior courses. The road crossing marked on the route into town is a Zebra Crossing, so may be useful.

Map: The map is British Orienteering ISSprOM 2019 standard at scale 1:4000, enlarged to 1:3000 for the junior courses. See here for the map symbols, including which symbols indicate out of bounds areas.

A black X represents a seat.  Some street furniture, e.g. pedestrian barriers at road junctions or path/road crossings and similar, has been omitted for clarity. The assumption is that this will be visible when out on the course and easily avoidable. Competitors should look ahead when approaching junctions just in case.

Control descriptions: Loose control descriptions will be available in the start lanes: symbolic for courses 1-6, and text for course 7.

Safety: There will be vehicle traffic and pedestrians. On the senior courses you would be very lucky not to be delayed when crossing roads. Please be patient, and assume the luck will even out across competitors over the length of the course. There are some narrow alleyways. Please take corners wide, and do not run into anyone.

Please can anyone with existing medical conditions leave appropriate information at registration.

Organisers and Planners: Carol Edward and Owain Rice (Contact
Controller: Christine Goulding