Binsey Galoppen – Sunday 18th June

Parking at Snittlegarth
Postcode CA7 1HE
Grid Ref NY 219 382
W3W marketing.hoofs.soggy

Entries: £8 seniors / £3 juniors
Online entry is now open on SiEntries here and will close at the end of Wednesday 14th June. Pre-entry only except for the White, Yellow and Orange courses where there will be some entry on the day subject to map availability.

If you are new to orienteering and would like to go round as a group, or in a pair, just enter one person, and use the option to select any additional maps that your group would like at £1 each.

Terrain: Steep open fell with rock detail, some marshy sections. Shorter courses on grazed farmland.. 

Courses: Subject to controlling
> White 1.0km 20m climb
> Yellow 1.9km 30m
> Orange 2.3km 55m
> Light Green 3.3km 125m
> Short Green 3.1km 125m
> Green 4.3km 150m
> Blue 5.9km 165m
> Brown 7.7km 320m

Car parking to assembly / registration up to 400m
Assembly to start 1000m
Finish to assembly 750m

Starts: 10.30 – 12.30, courses close 14.30

Dogs: On leads, in car parking area only, please be aware this is a working farm.

Planner / Organiser: Julie and John Ferris-Worth
Controller: Roger Thomas (WCOC)