Watchtree POC

Border Liners have helped with the establishment of a new permanent orienteering course at Watchtree Nature Reserve. Watchtree is a 205 acre nature reserve on an old airfield in the Solway plain about 6 miles south west of Carlisle.

The POC is still being further developed but it is available now and is free to use! At present there are 13 controls spread around the Nature Reserve allowing you to explore the reserves woods and meadow areas. It is expected that it course will shortly be expanded to add further controls. A bike orienteering option is also about to be confirmed. A detailed orienteering-style map of the reserve can be downloaded free from either the Watchtree or GO Orienteering websites. As this is a nature reserve all visitors are requested to stick to the paths please!

Watchtree is open during the day but does close in the evenings. For opening hours please check their website. As well as a large car park a further attraction is that there is a cafe serving food and drinks.

Watchtree Nature Reserve is a registered charity and relies on donations to keep operating. Whilst the POC is free please do consider a donation if you visit.