New! Try Virtual Orienteering at Rickerby Park, Carlisle

Border Liners have established two virtual orienteering courses (VOCs) at Rickerby Park in Carlisle. For 2022 the 2 courses use checkpoints of the existing Permanent Orienteering Course (POC) in the park.

Virtual orienteering uses smartphones for timing and checkpoint punching. The VOC is a pre-set course within Rickerby Park using the MapRun6 app which is available to download free from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

The long course is 4km in length with 30 checkpoints, the short course 2.6km with 18 checkpoints. It’s easy to get started. Why not give it a try?

To get started:

  1. Download and install the MapRun6 app. Once installed you will need to enter a small amount of personal information. (Full information on MapRun is available from the Maprunners website here).
  1. You can select an event manually by pressing Select Event, navigate down to the UK folder, then select Cumbria, North. In this folder there will be both the Long and Short 2022 VOC courses for Rickerby Park. Select the one you want and it will download onto your phone.
  2. Alternatively you can select the event by using the automatic event opening QR codes here:
Long course
Short course
  1. Now tap Go to Start. At the bottom of the screen there should be a green band (indicating GPS is working). If this is red then maybe you are indoors and it does not have a GPS location, or location services are turned off on your phone. Once this is green, pressing the Home icon at the top allows you to leave MapRun6.
  2. When you are ready you are now able to navigate around the course using the map on the phone screen, but you might find it easier to download and print a PDF copy of the course maps here (VOC long, VOC short), allowing you to put the phone away when out on the course.
  3. You can now go to Rickerby Park when you are ready. Parking is located at the North end of the park with spaces marked on the map by a blue “P”.
  4. When ready to set off, re-open the MapRun6 app, select Go to Start (its best to do this about 30 – 40m away from the start marked on the map) and then head for the start location. You must visit the start first of all. If you want to get a time on the leader board you must visit the checkpoints in the order indicated, starting with number 1 and then following the course to number 2 etc until you have finished. Passing through the finish last of all stops the timer, so don’t visit the finish until you are really ready to finish. The start, each checkpoint and the finish should turn from purple to green as you successfully visit the checkpoints. 
  5. When you have finished, if you were successful or not, you should get a record of your elapsed time displayed and the route you took will be displayed on the map. You can upload your result onto the Maprun server when finished. This may happen automatically unless you have turned this off in the settings before you started.

Tips to help your experience:

  • Approaching controls you may need to slow down; GPS accuracy on phones is variable and the GPS sampling interval also seems to be different from phone to phone. A number of our members use a Garmin running watch with an installed app called MaprunG, which when linked to the MapRun6 app appears to offer better reliability and speed at confirming the control has been located correctly, but its not necessarily the same for everyone.
  • Make sure you have a reasonably charged battery as using GPS will use power.
  • You are able to run or re-run the course at any time at no cost.

Please note: MapRun6 using GPS is not perfect. We have tested the checkpoint locations using a Garmin watch and MapRun6 and each checkpoint seems to work. We are unable to guarantee that it will work for you.

We wish you a good experience.